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moll Funktion 2020 A unique Ambiente 1920×800 web 3253moll Funktion 2020 A unique Ambiente 1335×1920 web 3261

unique: deeply focused

Do you know that feeling? Sitting at your desk, absolutely concentrated. Immersed in what you are doing. The surroundings? Faded out. Your senses? Sharpened for what is right in front of you. The time? Passes by without being noticed. Not only adults know this feeling. In fact, children reach this state of absolute concentration much faster. At least if nothing disturbs. When everything fits, when all is comfortable, when things are within reach. In short: When desk, chair and person become one. That’ s when you experience your own ” island of well-being”: at the center of a moll ensemble.

moll T5

By introducing the T5, moll as a furniture manufacturer shows how consistently well thought out a desk can be, when it is conceived from the user’s point of view. With fast express height adjustment, tiltable desk top and “Nano High-Tech” coating.

moll T7

Children have homework. Adults have homes and work: This masterpiece made by the furniture manufacturer moll is designed for all of them. The moll T7. Desk. Working space. Coffee table. Standing desk. Fantastic: The T7 is everything you want.

moll S6

The S6 redefines “sitting”: whether for concentrated work, reading or creative design. It starts with the ergonomically ideal sitting position and does not stop with the various design options.

moll S9

As an owner-managed furniture manufacturer with a clear language of form and color, we are committed to produce design furniture to the highest functional and aesthetic standards. For this purpose, we invent and develop until smart solutions are created, such as the S9 swivel chair.

moll L7

The design lamp L7 combines elegance and sophistication: with minimalistic design, LED technology, high flexibility and dimmable comfort light. The result: perfect illumination at your workplace.

moll C7

moll has a holistic approach: this includes something as simple as “storage space”. The mobile container C7 shows how exclusive that can be done. It integrates itself visually into every room and is the perfect complement to the moll T7 desk and the designer swivel chairs.

“The all-inclusive island of well-being”

unique is the composition of high-quality furniture full of changeable, well designed details. Beginning with the mechanically adjustable T5: a powerful performer with a patented spring mechanism that ensures that the desk can be moved from sitting to standing height within a heartbeat. For the T7 and T7 exclusive it’s the electric motor power within the desk that controls the height. To put unique in a nutshell: It’s first-class design, high-quality materials and flawless workmanship. The same applies to our swivel chairs: S6 and S9 bring extra comfort and color to the workplace. While working at the desk, the Flexlight or L7 provide the ideal light. The workplace concepts are complemented by a comprehensive range of universal accessories. Together, our masterpieces bring a first-class interior character to your home. Take a seat and be relaxed.

moll Funktion 2020 A unique Ambiente 1920×800 web 3252moll Funktion 2020 A unique Ambiente 1335×1920 web 3258
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